Software Development and Consultancy

Python/Django Web Development, Diverse Platforms, Test-Driven Development, Testing as a Service, RESTful API's and Complex Architectures

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About us

We are the software developer's right hand. We complement teams or roll out greenfield projects to support your efforts. Our language of choice is Python/Django. Did we mention that we're fanatical testers?

Our history

We're a young and vibrant gig. Committed to clean, maintainable software.

Our mission

To build software that everyone can swear by.

Our process

Listen, ask, listen and then build a fanatically tested software that is fit for purpose.

Our Vision

To be known for dependable software across the industry

Our Promise

We can help you put your ideas in the hands of your customers using the vehicle of the web, mobile or desktop. We can stay with you through to delivery or if you wished we'd remain with you so that together we can perpetuate your success!

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Our services

We aim to make every encounter with you a special one, every finished project should leave a sweet taste in the mouth and the punchline should be a desire to do it again.


We offer bespoke software development to fit around your business. We are able to deploy on the web and on native (desktop & apps). Our tool of choice are Python/Django and ReactJs


Do you already have developers working for you?. Let's help architect your software around REST best practices to achieve truly cross-platform capabilities.


We use Selenium and other tools to drive verification tests and Behave (based on the Gherkin syntax) to achieve truly cross-stakeholder features that are directly testable.


We're able to help you find answers that plague the relationship between your software and your business to find inefficiencies, proffer improvements and find opportunities.


We're active in the Python community, helping junior developers find their feet and accomplished developers learn new tricks. We'll like to help your people too.

Our Process

We're able to fit into any point of your project lifecycle. Most of all we believe a solid understanding of your requirements is essential to the success of your project. We don't toy with this.

We're able to fit into any point of your software lifecycle. Most of all we believe a solid understanding of your requirements and fanatical testing is essential to the success of your project. We don't toy with this.

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Our planning process tightly couples you (the major stakeholder) to or efforts. Giving you clarity in both quality and timescales in software development delivery.

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Our development process is Test-Driven. This involves iterations of Functional Testing which are driven by Unit Tests which in turn drive the rest of software development. This way we easily achieve industry standard test coverage.

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Every success we achieve gives us the impetus to keep achieving more. For us, the success of your software project is an existential matter for us.

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1 Berry Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HF, UK


+44 1224 515 699

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Chukwunonso B. Ibenegbu

Principal Consultant