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Kliasoft is a comapany that helps businesses develop dependable software that is fit for purpose and answer business needs. We aim to be part of the solution that will keep businesses alive and going concerns.

Kliasoft is young and vibrant and has a unique blend of business and technical software development and testing knowledge. We understand business-speak and we have tech know-how. It's the sweet-spot everyone is raving about!

Shine some light on it!

  • We begin with the end in mind - The Business Need. So with your help we submit ourselves to how best to achieve the best outcome.
  • Then we articulate the solution in a process flow that fits smack into your Value Chain.
  • We look at what tools you already have and how our solution fits into your existing methods.
  • We think it's important that the learning curve associated with any solution should be held under check. It's got to feel familiar.
  • Then we sharpen our tools and weigh them. Sure we have hammers, but we'd only use them for nails.
  • Then we lay out the batch of acceptance criteria which form bases for tests. Yup. You heard right, we start with tests!
  • And away we go. Not really! We start a loop of testing-development-success-feedback that heavily involves you until we finish.
Software & Web Development
Software Testing
Technical Interviews
Management Consulting

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